Sociological sciences

The quality of technical education in the eyes of students and professors
Bannikova L.N., Boronina L.N., Vishnevsky Yu.R., Kemmet E.V.

Problems of social changes in the context of the sustainable development of organizational systems
Bushkova-Shiklina E.V.

The problem of generations in western sociological tradition
Vlasova O.I.

The economic basis of the implementation of cumulative anti-corruption strategy
Groshev I.L.

Management and regulation in social organizations
Koch I.A.

State awards as the factor determining social stratification and mobility: retrospective analysis
Ruchkin A.V.

Prisoners of the police state: social portrait of the leaders of the Soviet Urals during the first years of Soviet power
Fedorovskikh A.A.

Protesting Internet practices of the studentship in social networks: sociological analysis
Vatoropin A.S., Vatoropin S.A.

Types of management systems in tourism
Kostina N.B., Chepras N.G.

Use of the modern forms of labor organization of state and municipal services
Kalugina D.A., Klimova G.G.

Problem of the equilibrium of social infrastructure objects’ development
Krivova D.A.

Evaluation of the reformation process of higher professional education by the students of the Ural district
Popov D.V.

The role of communications in professionalization of event-activity and formation of the professional group of event-specialists
Startseva N.N.

Tolerant world outlook as the term of interreligious dialogue
Kostina N.B.

Tolerance through the conflict: power of religion as a reflection of sociology of morality
Olkhovikov K.M.

Clericalism in modern Russia: acceptable interference in political life
Vatoropin A.S.

Totalitarian sects – myth or reality?
Nichick V.I.

Religious education as sphere of state and church interaction
Bobrova O.V.

Legal regulation of the state and confession relationships in Russia at the turn of XXI-th century
Antonova A.I., Kolesnikova K.I.

Micro-sociological bases for domestic violence
Soshnikova I.V.

Integration of science and education: improvement of legislative environment
Berg L.N.

The role of ethics of professional development in prevention of corruption among civil and municipal servants
Antoshin V.A.

Education system as an object of national politics
Startsev Ya.Yu.

Experience of Social Audit of the Youth Policy of Sverdlovsk oblast
Zerchaninova T.Ye., Nikitina A.S.

Evaluation of the State Management Effectiveness of the Social Sphere by the Population of the Towns of Yekaterinburg and Aramil
Kostina N.B., Ozornina Yu.P.

Rural Residents’ Health: Sociological Analysis of the General Practice Research Formation
Chevtaeva N.G., Shipilovskaya O.A.

Model of Social Policy Concerning People of Advanced Age in Russia
Kuvshinova O.A.

Analysis of the life cycle Association of young workers of enterprises and organizations of Sverdlovsk region
Mudretsova N.P.

Satisfaction with Access and Quality of Free Health Care of Sverdlovsk Oblast Population
Shelyakin V.A.

Social Partnership Effectiveness on the Local Self- government Level
Samkov K.N.

Modern theory of social management: current state and problems
Duran T.V., Kostina N.B.

The higher vocational education functions transformation
Kalugina D.A.

Higher education modernization as a factor of innovative development in Russia
Kostina N.B., Popov D.V.

The functions of the state awards in the context of social needs
Ruchkin A.V.

The “knowing – not knowing” dichotomy: in search of essential novelty
Fillippovskaya T.V.