Political and philosophical sciences

Strategy of the spiritual choice: from democracy to meritocracy
Burbulis G.E.

Information technologies for a state: Destructing or supporting innovations?
Trakhtenberg A.D.

Soviet and Russian states: similarities and differences
Yershov Yu.G.

“Homo Sovieticus”: sociocultural anatomy of the phenomenon
Skorobogatskiy V.V.

Political power in contemporary Russia: the problem of legitimatization and division of power
Fedorovskikh A.A.

Systemic and aphoristic character of contemporary knowledge
Ashimova V.A.

The significance of memory for the holistic impression of a person
Pogorel’skaya E.Yu.

Gender peculiarities of reasoning
Maksimov A.A.

The parliamentary openness
Rudenko V.N.

The development of the parliament control in the subjects of the Russian Federation
Emikh V.V.

Onto the problem of existence and content of political oppositions in regions: Chelyabinsk experience
Kiselyov K.V., Shcherbakov A.Yu.

The contours of post-national identities in global modernity
Martianov V.S.

President’s address 12-12-12: issues for discussion in Russian Federation development strategy until 2020
Fedorovskikh A.A.

The last trump card. The USSR Referendum on March 17, 1991 became the last stage of political game that finished off the great power
Rastorguev A.P.

Timeless relevance of religious and political ideals of Muscovy
Fan I.B.

Ideology as a form of public political discourse
Sonina E.O.

The Aristotle’s philosophy on reasoning and argumentation in the light of the modern public discourse
Maksimov A.A.

Political values of liberal conservatism: problems of their constructive synthesis
Ivantchuk N.V.

Reformation and political designing: instruments and relations
Ponomaryova N.G.

Institutional traps in politics
Skorobogatskiy V.V.

The problem of modernizing the russian political discourse: ideological context
Sonina E.O.

Legitimacy of power and state strategy in management of ethno-political processes
Fadeitheva M.A.

The role of private person for ordinary russian citizen
Fan I.B.

Topic of land in the chinese cinema: cinematograph as an impact
Tchernov I.S.