Issue #2(5) декабрь month 2013 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 20 June 2014г.

Social inequality  All articles in the headings

Social inequality and its types as the problem of sociology
Zborovsky G.E. 10272

Social and legal inequality: attempt for the deconstruction of the governing paradigm
Berzin B.Yu. 4886

Collision of human rights as the basis of social inequality in modern society
Vatoropin A.S. 4978

Government support for business and social entrepreneurship as a method of solving the issue of social inequality
Kalugina D.A. , Klimova G.G. 7009

Antinomies of social inequality: perspective for moral antithesis
Olkhovikov K.M. 3262

Inequality problems in the sphere of cultural production and consumption: regional aspect
Shuklina E.A. 4945

Sociological sciences  All articles in the headings

The quality of technical education in the eyes of students and professors
Bannikova L.N. , Boronina L.N. , Vishnevsky Yu.R. , Kemmet E.V. 5718

Problems of social changes in the context of the sustainable development of organizational systems
Bushkova-Shiklina E.V. 4050

The problem of generations in western sociological tradition
Vlasova O.I. 6574

The economic basis of the implementation of cumulative anti-corruption strategy
Groshev I.L. 2975

Management and regulation in social organizations
Koch I.A. 6328

State awards as the factor determining social stratification and mobility: retrospective analysis
Ruchkin A.V. 3100

Political sciences  All articles in the headings

Civil society and the state in the system of social management
Grosheva I.A. 3377

Modern political philosophy and modernity
Ivantchuk N.V. 3601

Person and modern russian state: interaction strategy
Skorobogatskiy V.V. 3216

Administrative reform and education: points of intersection
Fedorovskikh A.A. 3314