Issue #1(4) июнь month 2013 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 23 August 2013г.

Political and philosophical sciences  All articles in the headings

Strategy of the spiritual choice: from democracy to meritocracy
Burbulis G.E. 3317

Information technologies for a state: Destructing or supporting innovations?
Trakhtenberg A.D. 4289

Soviet and Russian states: similarities and differences
Yershov Yu.G. 4113

“Homo Sovieticus”: sociocultural anatomy of the phenomenon
Skorobogatskiy V.V. 3277

Political power in contemporary Russia: the problem of legitimatization and division of power
Fedorovskikh A.A. 7810

Systemic and aphoristic character of contemporary knowledge
Ashimova V.A. 2811

The significance of memory for the holistic impression of a person
Pogorel’skaya E.Yu. 2660

Gender peculiarities of reasoning
Maksimov A.A. 4982

Sociological sciences  All articles in the headings

Prisoners of the police state: social portrait of the leaders of the Soviet Urals during the first years of Soviet power
Fedorovskikh A.A. 3319

Protesting Internet practices of the studentship in social networks: sociological analysis
Vatoropin A.S. , Vatoropin S.A. 3553

Types of management systems in tourism
Kostina N.B. , Chepras N.G. 8609

Use of the modern forms of labor organization of state and municipal services
Kalugina D.A. , Klimova G.G. 4250

Problem of the equilibrium of social infrastructure objects’ development
Krivova D.A. 4468

Evaluation of the reformation process of higher professional education by the students of the Ural district
Popov D.V. 4419

The role of communications in professionalization of event-activity and formation of the professional group of event-specialists
Startseva N.N. 3279

Academic life  All articles in the headings

Review of the monograph by Burkhanov K. N and Bulekbaev S. B. The Kazakh way in the dilemma: East or West? Redaction of Burkhanov K. N. Astana: Elorda, 2010. p.336
Rusakov V.M. 2475