Issue #2(3) декабрь month 2012 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 20 August 2013г.

Political and philosophical sciences  All articles in the headings

The parliamentary openness
Rudenko V.N. 4052

The development of the parliament control in the subjects of the Russian Federation
Emikh V.V. 3264

Onto the problem of existence and content of political oppositions in regions: Chelyabinsk experience
Kiselyov K.V. , Shcherbakov A.Yu. 2366

The contours of post-national identities in global modernity
Martianov V.S. 3357

President’s address 12-12-12: issues for discussion in Russian Federation development strategy until 2020
Fedorovskikh A.A. 3075

The last trump card. The USSR Referendum on March 17, 1991 became the last stage of political game that finished off the great power
Rastorguev A.P. 4404

Timeless relevance of religious and political ideals of Muscovy
Fan I.B. 2363

Ideology as a form of public political discourse
Sonina E.O. 3270

The Aristotle’s philosophy on reasoning and argumentation in the light of the modern public discourse
Maksimov A.A. 6487

Sociological sciences  All articles in the headings

Tolerant world outlook as the term of interreligious dialogue
Kostina N.B. 3299

Tolerance through the conflict: power of religion as a reflection of sociology of morality
Olkhovikov K.M. 3224

Clericalism in modern Russia: acceptable interference in political life
Vatoropin A.S. 4549

Totalitarian sects – myth or reality?
Nichick V.I. 2782

Religious education as sphere of state and church interaction
Bobrova O.V. 2182

Legal regulation of the state and confession relationships in Russia at the turn of XXI-th century
Antonova A.I. , Kolesnikova K.I. 3889

Micro-sociological bases for domestic violence
Soshnikova I.V. 3501

Integration of science and education: improvement of legislative environment
Berg L.N. 3624