Issue #1(2) июнь month 2012 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 31 July 2013г.

Political and historical science  All articles in the headings

Stolypin discourse of reforms: from the present to the past and from the past to the future
Ivantchuk N.V. 2589

“Been there, done that” in the russian history
Yershov Yu.G. 2666

Contemporary historiography of stolypin’s agrarian reform
Kornilov G.E. , Pyankov S.A. 15317

One of the tragic stages of the russian modernization
Kuznetsov Ye.S. 2819

Attitude of community peasants to Stolypin’s agrarian reform as a factor of social transformation of the Russian village
Porshneva O.S. 8411

About the role of land tenure commissions in the development of leasing procedures of governmental land in Vyatka and Perm provinces during agrarian reforms 1906-1917
Semerikova O.M. 2558

Certain aspects of P.A. Stolypin and S.Yu. Vitte’s reforms: experience of comparative analysis
Fedorovskikh A.A. 3580

About the issue on the results of P.A. Stolypin’s reforms
Fedorovskikh A.A. 3544

The Russian modernization in the eyes of the Russian immigrants in 1920-1930s
Tsepilova V.I. 3384

Sociological sciences  All articles in the headings

The role of ethics of professional development in prevention of corruption among civil and municipal servants
Antoshin V.A. 9645

Education system as an object of national politics
Startsev Ya.Yu. 5841

Experience of Social Audit of the Youth Policy of Sverdlovsk oblast
Zerchaninova T.Ye. , Nikitina A.S. 7406

Evaluation of the State Management Effectiveness of the Social Sphere by the Population of the Towns of Yekaterinburg and Aramil
Kostina N.B. , Ozornina Yu.P. 4205

Rural Residents’ Health: Sociological Analysis of the General Practice Research Formation
Chevtaeva N.G. , Shipilovskaya O.A. 2269

Model of Social Policy Concerning People of Advanced Age in Russia
Kuvshinova O.A. 3115

Analysis of the life cycle Association of young workers of enterprises and organizations of Sverdlovsk region
Mudretsova N.P. 3429

Satisfaction with Access and Quality of Free Health Care of Sverdlovsk Oblast Population
Shelyakin V.A. 3591

Social Partnership Effectiveness on the Local Self- government Level
Samkov K.N. 7098